individuals with one goal

20130522-223042.jpgWordPress app on the iPad makes the spontaneous blog update a cinch. Digging up older shots and came across this one.

Guitar shop heaven with a camera in my hand. What more does a wannabe guitarist photographer need?

Like a set of musical instruments a team operates at its best when all players engage together to achieve a common goal.

That goal needs to be made visible and progress towards the goal needs to be constantly communicated.

The more a team is capable of interacting on each task they are engaged in, the greater the chance of success. Especially in an IT environment it is key to have individuals who can play generalist roles.

The generalist is capable of switching between different tasks and does not focus on one specific type of work.

A generalist developer is certain to have depth in some areas (T-shaped) – these areas are likely to be personal preferences based on previous focus on a specific technical role.

The success of the team though, depends on each individual’s ability to engage on all tasks, thereby increasing the flexibility of the team as a whole.

That way it is possible to ensure that the sum of the achievements of a team working together will always be greater than the sum of achievements for all individuals.

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