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Playing around with a new f1.4 lens in corn fields somewhere near Heidelberg led to this shot.

The depth of field that the lens achieves is amazing with a very fine line of focused ears of corn and a sea of unfocused harvest in the background reaching as far as the horizon.

The fields were actually still quite young and a pale green shade.

Then, thanks to a touch of editing on an iPhone, the fields quickly grew to a mature golden yellow and the image became the new reality of the farmland scene.

Talking of growth, the question will always arise on management’s role in an agile transformation.

The answer is simple, while getting there is not.

It’s all about helping agile grow, and enabling an environment in which all agile teams can flourish.

That will mean amongst other things ensuring the values of commitment, trust, transparency and courage, to name just a few, are lived every single day.

Management’s role also extends to mentoring and coaching, and helping the team to help themselves.

This is certainly true for the role of scrum master, but also for senior management as they nurture and grow a truly agile company environment.

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