beyond the impediments

The 50mm f1.4 lens from Sigma, my first fixed focus DSLR lens, allows details in shots I had never achieved beforehand.

Sure, zooming with your feet gets some getting used to but once you are over that photo taking is an absolute enjoyment.

The focus here was on the barbed wire, with a meadow of poppies beyond it.

More f1.4 50mm shots on Flickr

As a Scrum Team develops and increases it’s self organisation it will encounter impediments on the way. These impediments will appear as the Development Team and Product Owners engage closely to develop valuable releasable software Increment within the cadence provided by each Sprint.

The Development Team and Product Owner must be given the opportunity to solve these issues themselves. Each issue is an opportunity to learn and to increase the team’s level of self organisation.

There will be times however, when the team is not able to solve issues without further support from outside the immediate Product Owner-Development Team combination. It is important that the team recognises this need themselves and seeks help. This needs to happen quickly so little time is wasted, time which can otherwise be focused on developing high quality software.

This is when the Scrum Master will engage closely with the team through facilitation or engaging with the broader organisation to resolve the impediment. The Scrum Master will do this in such a way that provides as much opportunity as possible for the Development Team to further it’s self organisation.

The Scrum Master needs to see each interaction with the Development Team as a chance for the team to learn. Through this learning the team will be able to stretch the boundaries within which they can self organisation and thereby become more and more self sufficient.

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