presenting your product

stripes and stones

A rare opportunity to take a camera into Antwerp’s main art gallery led to viewing the exhibition in a broader art and art lover context.

This made the visit even more inspiring by allowing me to practice my art in a place of artistry.

The product review, whether to a product owner, stakeholder or customer circle is one of the key events in any iteration.

It provides the opportunity for the team to align on vision and release targets before looking at the current iteration. This is then done by engaging the stakeholders in an interactive review with a focus on the finished product increment.

This increment is reviewed against an agreed definition of done, to ensure the appropriate quality expectations are reached. The product increment should have been reviewed prior to the review meeting so that an approval by the product owner during the meeting can be assured.

Features that have not been completed in the sprint should not be presented in the review, although a customer will expect some indication of the progress made at that point in time.

Market information is provided by the market facing members of the team to ensure validity of the remaining backlog items. In some cases this can lead to an adjustment and inclusion of some product backlog items or their actual ordering.

Output is an approved product increment which works with all previous product increment accumulations. The product owner can but does not have to release this increment if it does not make sense to do so.

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