stories in haiku

unknown unknowns
horizons open
guided by an intrinsic

inspired by adventure - may 2020
remote emotion
closeness love presence
despite video distant
online existence

inspired by virtual friendship - may 2020
happy dog
prancing with lightness
yesterday’s heat forgotten 
in cool raindrop joy

inspired by forest rain - may 2020
frail old friend
accompany us
with your endless puppy-like

inspired by friendship - may 2020
what comes next?
find strength in known good
learn from new discoveries
let progress emerge

inspired by quietness - may 2020
jumping high she glides
hangs in the wire, scared, eyes wide
woodland haven cries

...then free
u-turn, brake, dismount
caution, care, struggle, twist, flight
woodland friend run free

inspired by coincidence - february 2020
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