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8. January 2021 Blog

continuing on a journey of why

Since the #CAREhacktCORONA social impact hackathon in April last year “people, passion, purpose” has now extended to “people, play, passion, purpose” as guiding values for me. These in turn have also helped me verbalize my why.

A couple of significant impulses helped here …..

Firstly, reading ©”The Infinite Game” by Simon Sinek over summer 2020, in which we are invited to consider business as a never ending game that we should nurture and grow, rather than simply short term competitions to be won.

Secondly, through two well guided coaching sessions, that enabled me to re-discover the significance of play, as a personal necessity in my own giving and learning. Something which had slipped away somewhat, and was most readily experienced when I was much younger.

Going through your own ©”Find your Why” process (thanks again Simon Sinek) is invigorating. Having a coach to support you through the process is invaluable. Now my personal focus becomes living my why.

As with any iterative process, it was exciting to experience how the current version emerged (yes current, never final). Early versions of my why felt clumsy and far from inspiring – it was however a start! Testing it out with trusted friends and people in my network helped develop it further. Each time making it more my own. Adjusting, to make it feel more natural.

Here is what I mean as it developed over the course of a month or so…

very first version“to play with positive passion, so that everyone can progress in their own game”

Feedback: isn’t passion positive anyway? is progress enough here?

after a week or two of sharing“to always play with positive passion, so that everyone can live and love their own game”

Observation: I wasn’t ready to let go of the positive; live and love beats progress hands down!

a month or so later“to inspire people to also play with positive passion, so that together we can all live and love our own game”

Observation: the “inspire” piece worked well for me, the focus on other people was exactly right, although overall it still felt clumsy…

So, as I write this piece at the outset of setting up my own company, here is what I have settled on, at least for now:

“to inspire people to play with passion, so that together we can all learn, live and love our own game of purpose”

Now it is about using my why along with my vision of a future business workplace to guide me. In addition it’s about living the values that are important to me, all of which is out there on this page your coach.

This challenge fills me with both great energy, as well as great respect for what is ahead. It would be a pleasure if you joined me, should you accept the open invitation I would like to make to you right now….

Please get in touch if you would like to talk more about making our business world a better place to play our game of purpose in.

Best wishes, Glenn.

Photo: “Out at play”