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All classes will be held in German, with course material in English. Currently all classes are live virtual classes.

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My training approach

As a Professional Scrum Trainer it is my responsibility to nurture a creative learning environment for my students. When this environment also becomes one filled with trust and openness, then students truly appreciate what we are aiming to achieve in their own Scrum Teams.

Using a balance of teaching, coaching, mentoring, facilitation and change agency in action in each class helps demonstrate how I envisage Scrum Mastery can guide the business world.

Sharing a vision of a future way of leading product development, in which a focus on value creation becomes a reality demonstrates how I believe Product Ownership can lead the business world.

I have chosen to focus on the classes in which I believe I can create the most benefit for my students. Classes which share the theory of the roles I myself have taken in practice. The Scrum Master and the Product Owner. The classes are available at two levels for each role.

Start with either the Professional Scrum Master or the Professional Scrum Product Owner class depending on whether you see yourself focusing on the product development process and its environment or the product development and resulting customer and business value.

Consider the more advanced Professional Scrum Master II or Professional Scrum Product Owner – Advanced classes for both roles when you have gained up to six to twelve months of real life experience in your role.

The training format based on the approach ©“Training from the Back of the Room” by Sharon Bowman, allows room for theoretical and practical elements to help students deepen their learning in the class.

In addition, by integrating coaching approaches into the class shows how students can benefit from the support of an agile coach, or the development of their own coaching skills in their everyday work.

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Take a look at the individual classes in more detail below – it would be great to get to know you and your interests better in one of our classes!

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