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professional scrum training

As Professional Scrum Trainer it is my responsibility to nurture a creative learning environment for my students. When this environment also becomes one filled with trust and openness, then students truly appreciate what we are aiming to achieve in their own Scrum Teams.

Using a balance of teaching, coaching, mentoring, facilitation and change agency in action in each class helps demonstrate how I envisage Scrum Mastery can guide the business world.

Sharing a vision of a future way of creating products, in which a focus on value creation becomes a reality, demonstrates how I believe Product Ownership can lead the business world.

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agile & systemic coaching

As an agile and systemic coach I combine the principles of an agile way of working with an holistic view of the organisation as a system. Here the people centric agile approach fits perfectly with a systemic understanding that we should look to adapt the system and not the people in order to progress.

Whether working with individuals, teams or larger parts of the organisation my focus is on creating a solution orientation for my coachees enabling them to leave their problem thinking to one side, and to make room for solution thinking. Through a combination of questioning approaches I want to enable my clients to explore the opportunities available to them - opportunities which at first are not obvious.

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personal development coaching

On my journey to becoming an agile and systemic coach I became an advocate for the use of coaching in a personal career development context. Applying coaching techniques to help individuals re-discover and re-activate their true potential is one of the most rewarding parts of my work.

No two coaching sessions are alike, although the focus is always on helping my coachee to switch their thinking from what is holding them back to what is needed to tap into their own strengths.

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social impact leadership

The opportunity to make a difference in a social impact context is one of the primary drivers that led me to set up my own coaching and training business. The vision of my own work in the future is one in which I can help bridge the gap between free enterprise and social economy environments.

“When #people with a common, meaningful #purpose come together, combined with a #passion for helping others, then #positive change will happen.”

Glenn Lamming

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my why

“to inspire people to play with passion,

so that together we can all learn, live and love our own game of purpose”