with agility to purpose

it all started with “agile story telling

The original intention of these pages was to practice story telling, agile story telling, and apply a passion for photography to help portray these stories. Here are the initial thoughts that drove this idea:

“It is surprising how quickly links to agile stories come to mind when reflecting on images that already exist. Now the goal is to make the linkage between such images and agility even more meaningful.

The images will happen as they have always happened, out with a camera in my hand enjoying everything that enters the lens. What is special though, is the time for reflection that a great picture creates, often by portraying something in a new way or making links to something else.

In the case of the stories here in images of agility the link is sometimes coincidental and sometimes intentional – that depends on which comes first – the idea for the story or the image that helps reflect the story. Either way let’s see where this takes us.”

now it is guided by “a purposeful vision”

Now these writings are all part of an ongoing process to better define my own personal purpose. Present focus is on a vision of creating truly collaborative, inclusive working environments. To achieve this I am helping others have the right conversations to create such workplaces for themselves. This in turn progresses me towards my own vision.

“In such a workplace our efforts are more meaningful. Such a workplace provides true purpose for those engaged in it.”

Glenn is a Systemic and Agile Coach as well Professional Scrum Trainer (Scrum.org)

Glenn Lamming

Dual nationality British and German having lived and worked in Germany for almost all of his career.

After having spent over 20 enjoyable years with the Eastman Kodak Company, in traditional project management as well as european product management roles Glenn is now an agile and systemic coach and trainer with Novatec Consulting GmbH near Stuttgart in Germany.

Most of all Glenn enjoys helping others get more out of their working lives, by creating environments in which people can learn effectively together. He believes strongly in taking a people first approach with the values of trust, openness and respect in front of mind.