impulse, habit, outcome

13. February 2022 Allgemein

Did you take time out for reflection at the end of the year? This time round reflection time generated a bunch of impulse questions for me.

By addressing these impulse questions I would love new habits to form. By forming new habits, new meaningful outcomes can hopefully be achieved.

It is an experiment in which I want to avoid setting goals and then assessing whether I succeeded in meeting them. I am putting my trust into having found the right impulses. That is the idea, anyway!

Looking at the impulse questions again now, they seem to fall into three groupings:

impulses for well-being and community
“what practices lead you to effective self care?”
“what keeps your relationships/friendships/partnerships thriving?”
“what attitude do you want to turn up with each day?”

impulses for discovery, creativity, learning and sharing
“what gets you into significant periods of flow?”
“what if you let more “slow thinking” time into your work?”
“what thoughts and ideas do you want to share and get out into the open?”

impulses for getting the right things done
“what ensures a good return on the time you invest?”
“what moves you from intentions to action?”

So now I have my impulses out there, it’s up to me to form the habits and let the outcomes emerge. Wish me luck!

I wish you a 2022 filled with good habits and meaningful outcomes all driven from the impulses that are right for you.