agile & systemic coaching

As an agile and systemic coach I combine the principles of an agile way of working with an holistic view of the organisation as a system. The people centric agile approach fits perfectly with a systemic understanding that we should be adapting the system and not the people in order to progress.

Whether working with individuals, teams or larger parts of the organization, my focus is always about creating a solution orientation for my coachees. This enables them to leave problem thinking behind, and to entirely open the space for solution thinking. Through a combination of a coaching mindset, questioning approaches and methods, I want to enable my clients to explore the opportunities available to them – opportunities which at first are not obvious and easy to identify.

To gain a better understanding of the synergies between agile and systemic coaching, and the benefits this can bring to your teams and organization, then please take a look at the following blogs.

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If you are interested in discovering more about how you can benefit from an agile and systemic coaching approach, then please feel free to get in touch.