social impact leadership

The opportunity to make a difference in a social impact context is one of the primary drivers that led me to set up my own coaching and training business. The vision of my own work in the future is one in which I can help bridge the gap between free enterprise and social economy environments.

“When #people with a common,
meaningful #purpose come together,
combined with a #passion for helping others,
then #positive change will happen.”

This was all triggered by a social impact hackathon experience at the beginning of 2020 during the first Corona lockdown. This experience provided me with an inside view of projects with a real purpose and benefit in many system relevant areas. More specifically those environments focused on making a positive social impact.

These projects can certainly benefit from a solution oriented agile and systemic coaching and leadership approach. I believe the benefits of agile and systemic coaching which I have practiced in free enterprise business organizations offer great potential to organizations that have real social impact as their focus.